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Rose’s Fingerless Mitts (Med/Large)


Half thumb, and all-finger opening mitts to keep your hands warm and free to do things requiring dexterity.

100% Peruvian Highlands Wool

Color: Deep Brown

Size: Medium/Large (8″ tall – 5″ wide (at their widest point)

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Rose’s Fingerless Mitts are the perfect item to keep your hands warm with fingers free.

Rose’s Fingerless Mitts are made with soft, warm natural fibers (wool, alpaca, etc). They keep your thumb and hands warm with a rich, cushiony fabric that conforms to your hands, but gives them ultimate freedom of movement.

Cold at your desk, but need to type and answer a phone?  Chilly in your house and still want to read, or browse social media? These look great and keep your hands toasty warm.

Perfect gift for crafters, mobile phone enthusiasts and folks that just have cold hands all the time.